WELLINGTON, June 2 (PNA/Xinhua) — Australia and China retained their places as New Zealand’s two top trading partners in the year to the end of March, the government statistics agency said Thursday.

Trade in goods and services with the rest of the world recorded a surplus of 2.9 billion NZ dollars in the March year, said a report from Statistics New Zealand.

Total exports of goods and services for the year totalled 69.8 billion NZ dollars, while imports totalled 66.9 billion NZ dollars.

New Zealand recorded trade surpluses with 16 of its top 25 trading partners in the March 2016 year, and the top three trade surpluses were with Australia, China and the United States, which was the fourth largest trade partner.

Total exports to Australia, New Zealand’s biggest export partner, slipped to 12.96 billion NZ dollars in the year ending March, down from 13.02 billion NZ dollars in the March 2015 year.

However, exports to China, led by dairy products, edged up to 11.52 billion NZ dollars from 10.71 billion NZ dollars in the March 2015 year.


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