Every Victorian car owner faces financial difficulty everytime they receive the annual vehicle registration of over $800. Paying it off all at once leaves a heavy burden on the pocket.

Over the past year, the Andrews Labor Government has tested and made paying car rego easier for 1.3 million Victorians by offering what it called short-term vehicle registration.

“The first year of short-term registration has been a huge success, helping more than a million Victorians spread the cost of car rego over the year,” Acting Premier Tim Pallas said.

“It’s clear from the first year of operation that Victorians appreciate the flexibility shorter registration periods provide,” Member for Williamstown Melissa Horne said.

Since the Labor Government launched short term registration on 1 January 2018, a quarter of all vehicle registrations have been processed using the flexible three-month and six-month registration options.

Instead of paying in full, the option would spread payment by four quarterly or two semi-annual instalments. An average three-month registration costs $200.20 while an average six month registration costs $400.40, compared to an average annual fee of $800.80.

“Having to find more than $800 once a year puts a lot of people under financial pressure – by introducing shorter term payments, we’ve given people a chance to factor more manageable payments into their family budgets,” Pallas said.

Three month registration was the more popular choice, with 770,743 registrations, compared to 542,693 for six months.

“Signing up for short term registration is quick and easy with a myVicRoads account – it’s just one of the ways that we’re trying to make life just a little bit easier for Victorian families,” Horne said.

More men opted for shorter registration periods, with the total take up of three and six month registration sitting at 54% males and 46% females. Overall, short term registration proved most popular with the 26-35 age group.

Short term registration allows people to pay less upfront and spread the cost of registration renewal across the year to better suit the family budget.

Customers taking up short term registration can return to 12 month payments any time their next registration is due allowing you to move the financial burden to a quieter time of the year.

“With shorter registration periods and the online services provided through myVicRoads, we are helping make life easier for Victorians,” VicRoads Chief Executive Michael Malouf said.

To find out more about short term registration, or to see if your vehicle is eligible, visit www.vicroads.vic.gov.au

Watch this video when it was introduced in January 2018


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