The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Arthur Sinodinos, today visited shoppers to see first-hand the roll out of the new country of origin labels, which are designed to give consumers clearer and more meaningful origin information about the products they buy.

Senator Sinodinos today attended an instore demonstration of the new labels at Woolworths in Queanbeyan, New South Wales.

As part of a five week national campaign about the new labels, shoppers in more than 400 supermarkets across Australia are sampling the new labels that most foods must carry from 1 July next year, identifying where it was made, grown, produced or packed.

More than 15,000 shoppers have participated so far. People say they’ve already noticed more products carrying these labels on supermarket shelves, and they appreciate the greater choice and clarity the labels give them when deciding what to purchase.

Food made in Australia will carry labels which feature the well-known kangaroo in a triangle symbol and a bar chart indicating the percentage of Australian ingredients.

The national campaign, which concluded at the weekend, featured advertising on television, radio, print, online, social media and in shopping centres.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the labels and the new information they contain, for which consumers have been calling for many years.

“I was delighted to attend today’s demonstration and see first-hand the positive reception the new labels are getting from consumers” said Senator Sinodinos.

“Shoppers are saying that the new labels are clear and easy to read and will help them to make more informed food choices.

“Many people I spoke to had seen the ads and were keen to learn more, so it’s great that the demonstrations have given people the chance to chat and ask questions.

“There has been a significant rise in traffic to an information website with consumers eager to find out more about these important reforms.

“Shoppers can take home information on the different types of labels that priority food products will be required to carry from 1 July 2018.

“We’re half way through the transition period, and I applaud those businesses that have already adopted the new labelling.

“I urge businesses who haven’t yet adopted the labelling changes to use the tools and information available to them on before the transition period ends.“

More information for consumers can be found at .


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