COVID-19All you need to know about face masks and the right way...

All you need to know about face masks and the right way of wearing them in Covid 19 situation

By Amelia Varley

While we all knew the use of face masks, it was only after the pandemic that the world understood its importance. Face masks have become the new normal, and you can find many designer options. However, when it comes to ensuring complete protection and safety, you must choose an option that assures complete protection against the virus and germs. So, the prime focus of this blog will be on face masks that ensure protection against COVID-19 infection. 

N95 covers are considered the best ones that guarantee complete safety from the coronavirus. An irresistible patient will wear a careful veil-like N95 face mask available to be purchased when associated with creating the virus. 

In Europe, caregivers need to wear a basically class FFP2 or FFP3 respirator for ideal molecule and spray filtration while focusing on a tainted or associated patient with being so. 

In the United States, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the N95 respirator eliminates 95% of airborne pollutants. It can likewise flush out microbes and infections. Furthermore, parental figures must wear a Class N, R, or P respirator.


Should a disposable or reusable mask be used? 

When buying face masks, you will have the option of investing in a disposable or non-disposable face mask. If you have purchased a disposable face mask, then it must be discarded after use in the right way. 


Irrespective of the type of face masks you are wearing, it is important for you to keep the following factors into consideration:

Make sure that you wear the mask aptly. If you are wearing the mask below your nose or frequently moving it down, the purpose of wearing the mask is not served. 

The mask is well-fitted. Another important factor that you must take into account is the fitting of the mask. It should be such that there is no gap between the nose and the mask. The mask should be tightly concealed to your face leaving no scope for air or virus to penetrate in, thus reducing the chances of infection. 

The face mask is made from several layers of fabric to filter the virus or bacteria. It would be best if you bought which are breathable. 

The face mask must have a flexible nose bridge that conforms to the face to prevent fogging of eyeglasses. 

The right side of the face mask is paramount, and it must be such that it should not move from its place while you are walking or talking. 

The mask should be comfortable, especially if you must wear it all day. Make sure you buy the one with a flexible size adjustment. 

Therefore, we can conclude that merely buying a face mask won’t satisfy the purpose. You must choose a quality mask that will ensure complete protection from Coronaviruses. 

Wrapping it up!

Hand Sanitiser

Several brands are selling N95 face masks, but when buying one, ensure you do not compromise on the quality; instead, invest in the best one. We have discussed important aspects that you must take into account when it comes to buying face masks.

Although we have got the coronavirus vaccine, the fact is that the intensity of infection has reduced but not the disease. Hence wearing the mask is paramount. It has proven to be highly effective in ensuring complete safety from the COVID-19 infection. 

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