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Victoria’s path out of COVID-19 lockdown – quick reference guides

Road sign COVID-19 restriction in Victoria | Shutterstock | The Conversation
Shutterstock | The Conversation

By Liam Petterson, The Conversation; Michael Hopkin, The Conversation, and Wes Mountain, The Conversation

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton on Sunday announced steps to slowly ease COVID-19 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

There are four steps before Victoria totally opens up – a goal Andrews refers to as “COVID-normal”. Melburnians will have to wait a bit longer than regional Victorians before an easing of curfews and restrictions on leaving the house.

But there is now a clear set of thresholds and restrictions for what a COVID “safe” Victoria should look like over the coming months:

The easing of restrictions for regional Victoria starts at Step 2, and involves some thresholds that are independent of metropolitan Melbourne.

Liam Petterson, Assistant Editor, Health + Medicine, The Conversation; Michael Hopkin, Editor, Science + Technology, Health + Medicine, The Conversation, and Wes Mountain, Multimedia Editor, The Conversation


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